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Restoration - Water Damage - Dry Outs

Your home is where you spend the most time but if you have water damage or mold you may be harming your family without even knowing it. Dave's Home Supply is dedicated to helping our clients with all of their home needs including restoration! We now offer home restoration for water, storm, or mold damage.

Water Damage Restoration

Leaking pipes, flooding, & condensation can all cause water damage and be incredibly destructive to your home or business. Without proper water extraction and dry-out processes, you will deal with long-term effects and have structural damage as well as potential health risks.

It is important to take all water damage seriously and begin the restoration process within the first 24-48 hours. We can help you decide what steps are important for ensuring your home does not have long-term issues related to water damage. We can assess the amount of property damage, the degree of contamination, and weigh the costs of replacing versus restoration.



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Storm Damage

An unexpected storm can cause severe damage to your property, including your home. Wind, hail, ice, and flooding are all ways a storm can cause severe damage. Powerful weather patterns leave behind substantial storm damage exposing your property to the elements. Once the storm has passed immediate storm restoration is crucial for your property's safety and recovery.

At Dave's Home Supply we offer help to secure your property and prevent any further damage.

Mold Damage

If your home or business has suffered from water damage or excess moisture it is at risk of mold. Mold possesses risks and can be problematic when it is actively growing. When your building begins to show signs of mold damage it is crucial to begin eradication as quickly as possible. Mold must be treated and remedied to lower the risk of long-term issues and improve the air quality.

Without an accurate assessment and restoration mold can pose serious long-term effects. Mold can be dangerous, affect the structural integrity of your property and affect the air quality. If your home or business has been affected by mold contact Dave's Home Supply to help you remedy the mold and restore your property.