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How carpet could change your life

Carpet has been around for more years than most people might guess. Over the course of its existence it has undergone many changes, most of which will benefit you greatly as a homeowner. Of course, it’s still the only soft surface flooring and as such, provides the most amazing underfoot feel possible. However, carpet now adds many benefits such as stain resistance, safety, and even the ability to thwart allergens. If you haven’t given this material a chance, there’s never been a better time than now to do so. Dave's Home Supply is a full-service company that thrives on providing complete customer satisfaction. We strive to make sure we attain this level by offering a wealth of materials, products, and services that all come together to create the home of your dreams. Our professional associates are standing by to assist you at our Medford, OR carpet store, no matter how large or small your project. We also serve the communities of Medford, Central Point, Ashland, Phoenix, and Talent, OR, and look forward to serving you when you arrive.

Carpet really makes a difference in your home

No floor covering is as soft, inviting, and luxurious as carpet and you’ll love all that it has to offer the needs of your home. For instance, the variety of fibers you’ll have to choose from not only offer unrivaled softness, but it can also offer stain protection and allergy relief. For years, homeowners have worried that installing this material would mean permanent stains. Manufacturers met this fear head-on when they built stain protection right into the fibers of this flooring. Now, stains and spills are unable to soak in and become permanent, which leaves you with floors that keep their gorgeous like-new look longer than ever.


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The benefits of carpet

For allergy sufferers, manufacturers offered the same kind of remedy by building hypoallergenic fibers that trap and hold dust, dander, and pollen. With the lack of these allergens floating around in the air you breathe, you’ll breathe better all year long. Routine vacuuming allows you completely rid your home of these pests on a regular basis. Other benefits you’ll enjoy after installing carpet include noise reduction, a safer walking surface for kids and older adults, and heat retention you’ll actually be able to see on your energy bill. It isn’t often that a floor covering can provide so much which is why you should definitely find out more about why this flooring could be perfect for you. Keep your home feeling comfortable with carpet. Carpet allows you to increase the comfortable & style of any room. We offer a large selection of carpet to fit any budget & style.