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Flooring installation


Don’t forget flooring installation and its importance

A professional flooring installation provides the perfect wrap-up for your overall flooring experience. You’ve spent the time researching materials, visiting the flooring store, and carrying samples to your home. Making sure the material of your choice is properly installed only makes sense. The fact is, in the installation business, mistakes aren’t cheap. Depending on the material you’ve selected for your project, it could mean needing to replace the whole thing. Taking chances when you’ve invested so much just doesn’t make sense. The good news is, our professional installation team at Dave's Home Supply stands ready to assist you with a perfect installation experience. We stay in close contact with you regarding your specification and desires and you’ll only pay for the amount of flooring installed in your home when everything is finished. From our Medford, OR showroom, we serve the areas of Medford, Central Point, Ashland, Phoenix, and Talent, OR. We hope you’ll visit and allow us the honor of serving you as well.

Come to Dave's Home Supply in medford & discover our the flooring difference.

We are a full-service floor covering store, including installation. We don’t just stop at the purchase of the product. You pay us for not only the product but the installation as well. This means that you can be sure the job will get done right. If there should be a problem you have one phone call to make and that’s to us. This makes your flooring purchase a breeze from start to finish.



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What’s the big deal about flooring installation?

The truth is, not all floor coverings are easy to install. While there are some that make an easy weekend DIY installation, especially if you’re only flooring a small space, there are others that require special tools and ton of experience to be successful. Solid hardwood, carpet, and porcelain tile are a few materials that fit this description and novice mistakes can ruin an entire room’s worth of flooring. With regard to saving you from having to repurchase that much material, it’s best to allow the professionals to take care of it for you. Another reason professional flooring installation can save you money lies in the warranty. These days, almost every material you could choose for your floors comes with some type of warranty. At the same time, many of those warranties become void if the installation is carried out by anyone other than a professional. That doesn’t sound like a big deal until something unforeseen happens and you’re left to replace your flooring far too soon, and usually at no fault of your own. The safer option is to allow your floors to be taken care of by professionals.

Preparing for installation day

In preparation for your flooring installation, you should first talk to your installers to see what is necessary for the material you’ve selected. Hardwood has to acclimate for 24 to 72 hours, while some materials can go down immediately and with very little prep work. You’ll also want to secure your personal belongings, antiques, and other wares in an area where they will not be damaged accidentally during the process.
Flooring installation in Medford, OR from Dave's Home Supply

We install everything we sell

  • Carpet
  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Tile & stone
  • Laminate
  • Marmoleum

We also refinish hardwood