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The difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring

While solid and engineered wood flooring may look similar at first glance, there are significant differences between the two in terms of construction, durability, and installation. Understanding these differences can help you decide which type of hardwood flooring is best suited for your needs.

Solid hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is exactly what it sounds like ? solid wood through and through. Each plank is made from a single piece of natural hardwood, typically ranging from 3/4 inch to 5/16 inch in thickness. Solid hardwood flooring offers the timeless beauty and warmth that comes with natural wood, and it can be refinished multiple times over its lifetime to remove scratches and restore its original luster.

Engineered wood flooring

On the other hand, engineered hardwood flooring is constructed using multiple layers of wood. The top layer, also known as the wear layer, is made of real hardwood, providing the same beauty and authenticity as solid hardwood. Beneath the wear layer, several layers of high-density fiberboard (HDF) or plywood are stacked in a cross-grain configuration. This cross-grain construction gives engineered hardwood superior stability and makes it less susceptible to expansion and contraction caused by changes in moisture and temperature.

Considering cost and added value

While engineered hardwood can be sanded and refinished, it typically has a thinner wear layer compared to solid hardwood. This means that it may have a more limited number of refinishing cycles before the wear layer is exhausted. However, with proper care and maintenance, engineered hardwood can still last for many years and retain its beauty.

In terms of cost, engineered hardwood is generally more budget-friendly than solid hardwood. The construction process allows for more efficient use of hardwood resources, making it a more affordable option. Additionally, the versatility of engineered hardwood in terms of installation can contribute to cost savings. However, with the longer refinishing cycle and proper maintenance, solid hardwood flooring sometimes lasts for over a century, making it a cost-saving option in the long run and typically more of a value-add to your property.

The best hardwood flooring in Medford, OR

The main difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring lies in their construction, durability, and installation options. Your choice will depend on your lifestyle, budget, and overall needs.

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