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Natural stone flooring Dave's Home Supply in Medford, OR

Why Natural Stone Flooring Might Be the Best Choice for Your Home

Stone floors are not a new concept. The first stone floors showed up around 5,000 years ago and are still a popular home feature today!

Natural stone flooring is durable, unique, and adds a beautiful element to any home.

Are you thinking about adding a stone floor to your house but aren't sure where to start? We break down all the basics of?this flooring type in this handy guide.

Why Natural Stone Flooring Is?A Good Choice

Stone flooring is a striking addition to the decor of your house. Although the cost of a natural stone floor is more than other types of flooring, the benefits make it worth it.


One significant advantage to natural stone?flooring is how sturdy it is. A natural stone floor can hold up to pets, kids, and normal household activity.

All you need is basic upkeep to keep a stone floor clean. You can mop, vacuum, or sweep up any spills or dust quickly.

These types of floors can last for years. Any wear that they do receive often adds some character to them!

Home Value

Adding stone floors to a house can be a lucrative economic move. Many people find stone floors attractive and desirable. When you resell your home, stone floors can help attract more potential buyers.


Stone floors may not seem like the most comfortable thing in the world. Despite this, they can add a surprising amount of coziness to your home.

Do you suffer from allergies? If so, the stone is a great choice to add to your house! This type of floor doesn't hold allergens like a carpet does, helping you to breathe easier.

Stone flooring works in any type of climate. In warmer climates, a natural stone floor can keep a room cool because of the stone's natural properties.

Although stone can be chilly, it also does an excellent job holding in heat once it warms up. If you live somewhere cold, you may want to look into heated flooring. This will keep your stone warm on even the coldest nights.

Consideration Of Natural Stone Flooring

There is no doubt that there are many positives that come with installing stone floors in your house. Although stone floors offer many benefits, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing this flooring type.?

The biggest consideration for stone flooring is the upfront cost. The stone needs to be mined with special tools before the stone can become floor tiles. Shipping and installing the stone flooring can also be an added expense.

Although stone flooring can withstand a lot, it can also chip and break if you drop something heavy on it. Depending on the stone, this damage can be difficult to repair.

Types Of Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring can match any design aesthetic. Knowing the differences between them can help you decide which type is best for your home.


There is a reason why this type of stone floor is a popular choice for houses. This floor is not only attractive but also very durable. It is tougher than marble and can withstand a lot of wear without getting scratched.


Another popular floor choice, marble exudes luxury. This?stone usually comes in the classic high-polished white with light gray veining. Marble is often used in bathrooms to give them an upscale feel.

Marble is softer than other stone flooring types. Because of this, it isn't a great choice for kitchens as acidic food can damage the stone.


This common stone flooring type has an interesting texture and color pattern. Slate flooring comes in shades of green, reds, blacks, browns, and purples.

It is important to note that slate can vary in durability. Some slate is very tough while other types can chip or break.


This sandy-colored stone is similar in properties to marble and limestone. It's a great option for bathrooms because of its non-slip surface. It's essential to understand how to care for this stone as certain cleaners can damage it.


This stone floor option starts out as sandstone but turns to quartzite after a heating and pressurization process. With a?Mohs scale rating?of seven, quartzite can withstand almost anything life throws at it. This is a popular floor for high-traffic areas of a house.


As the name suggests, this stone looks like a beach! As a result of how this flooring type is made, sandstone has a unique texture. Sandstone comes in tiles, so replacing one is no problem.

Where To Put Natural Stone Flooring

A benefit of natural stone flooring is that it looks great both inside and outside your house.

Natural?stone flooring in your kitchen?is a good option if you want a stone floor that is durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic. Try out a non-porous option like slate to keep kitchen smells at bay.

Installing a natural stone bathroom floor is another great choice. Choose a stone-like granite that can handle high moisture.

Do you have an entryway in your house? A natural stone floor is an eye-catching yet practical choice for this space. This area of your home will do best with a hard stone that can withstand lots of wear and tear.

Get Your Natural Stone Flooring Today!

When you choose stone flooring, you will be adding a long-last, luxurious look to your house. No matter what style you are looking for, natural stone flooring will look perfect in your home!

If you are ready to add natural stone to your house, Dave's Home Supply has what you are looking for!?Contact our flooring professionals?today to request an estimate.?

Before you know it, you'll be on your way to new stone floors!