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What Are the Great Benefits of Vinyl Flooring?

What Are the Great Benefits of Vinyl Flooring?

Did you know that home improvement spending went up by?over 7%?in the last part of 2020? If you're hoping to do some renovating of your own, there's no better place to start than with your floors. After all, when you're spending time at home, you want floors that offer the perfect blend of durability and good looks.

And while you might start your search with hardwoods or tile, take a closer look at vinyl. When it comes to home flooring, synthetic materials provide the flexibility?and?durability?you want. Stick around to learn about the benefits of vinyl flooring!

Get a Durable Floor

When you invest in new home flooring, you want to get a long-lasting result that you won't need to replace again soon. Vinyl flooring should give you at least a decade of use, if not longer. Vinyl's durability depends on the quality, thickness, and treatment of the particular type you choose.

Overall, vinyl is a smart choice for areas where you expect a lot of foot traffic. Choose vinyl with a strong wear layer that has the thickness to withstand kids and pets. You can feel confident installing it in hallways or family rooms.

You can save money by going with a no-wax vinyl, but you won't have as much durability. Going with a better urethane finish ensures the best longevity.

Best of all, you can get a durable vinyl floor for any room in the house. Vinyl is an excellent choice in bathrooms and kitchens because it can withstand water, too. Try sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl planks for optimal water resistance.

Save Money with Vinyl

When you're trying to keep expenses within?your budget, vinyl makes a lot of sense. You can save money over hardwoods or engineered hardwoods, and you won't have to sacrifice style. Some vinyl flooring costs under a dollar per square foot!

For the cheapest option, go with vinyl sheet flooring. This vinyl will be formed in a roll, and it can fit in almost any space. The backing may consist of an adhesive or glue.

For an easy way to spruce up a bathroom or another small space, try peel and stick flooring. You can get this version of vinyl in the form of tiles or planks, and you can install it yourself in a matter of hours.?

If you have more money to spend, consider a vinyl plank option. Luxury vinyl plank offers a sophisticated upgrade that can mimic the look of wood or stone?tiles.??

Installing Floors Is Easy

With vinyl planks, installation is easier than most. Unlike other types of flooring, you won't need to bond the materials to a subfloor or deal with nails and other equipment. Instead, you can snap together the planks to form a beautiful new floor.?

You can install some vinyl planks directly over existing wood or concrete floors. You'll need to take accurate measurements and make precise cuts when installing it. And?you'll need to commit several hours, if not more, to get the job done.?

If you don't have the time or interest in a DIY installation, turn to?professional floor installation. You'll have pros who are familiar with the materials and can work with you to select the right flooring materials for your space. They'll deliver precise and efficient installation, too!

Choose From Countless Different Styles

When vinyl emerged as a flooring option in the 1950s, the?styles were fairly limited. Today, however, there's no shortage of types of flooring to suit any home.?

If you want to mimic the look of stone or woodgrain, you can do it. For instance, you can go with an oak finish or the tight grain of bamboo in vinyl. Or go with a trendy gray wood stain to create a contemporary feel in your home.?

As another option, you can create the look of marble or concrete with vinyl tile flooring. Add a rich gray slate tile to a renovated bathroom for a modern and rugged sense of style. Create the look of quartzite or travertine in lighter tones for a soft and clean space.

With vinyl flooring, you get access to a versatile flooring option. You'll fool your guests when they come to visit because the finish on your floor will look so natural!

Cleaning Is a Breeze

While cleaning the floors is never anyone's favorite thing to do, it's critical to maintain the attractive appearance of your floors. Fortunately, cleaning is a simple task when you're working with vinyl.

Make sure to mop and sweep your floor regularly. If you have dirt, cat litter, or other sharp debris on the floor, it can cause damage. Vinyl can resist stains, but it can be prone to scratching if you're not careful.

The last thing you want is to scratch your new floors. Put protective pads on your furniture and change them regularly. And consider taking off your shoes when you're spending time indoors.?

Stay away from oil-based cleaning products when you're ready to do a deep clean. Use neutral cleaning materials that indicate they are appropriate for vinyl. And if you spill water or your pet has an accident on the floor, clean it up as soon as possible.?

Explore the Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Synthetic flooring has come a long way in recent decades, and the benefits of vinyl flooring are outstanding. You'll get a durable, attractive floor that can last a long time with proper maintenance. And you'll have no shortage of styles to choose from to get the right look for your home.?

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