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Cabinets Dave's Home Supply in Medford, OR

The Homeowner's Guide to Buying Cabinets in Medford, OR

Now, more than ever, kitchen remodels?are paying off. From choosing a cabinet style to making your kitchen more functional, buying cabinets in Medford, OR, just got easier. We?ve rounded up everything you need to know about updating your kitchen cabinets.

If your kitchen isn?t functional, it?s not a place you?ll want to spend time cooking in. You want your kitchen to be a place for friends and family to gather, making meals, and making memories. With this handy cabinet guide, you?ll be one step closer to a new and improved kitchen.

Start with Your Layout

Before you start?shopping for cabinets, it?s helpful to take a look at the layout of your current kitchen. Does the flow and position of the cabinets and appliances work well for you? If the answer is no, a kitchen remodel is the time to change this.

When you?re buying cabinets, you?ll need a road map of your new kitchen layout. Map out where each cabinet and appliance will go. Your plumber, kitchen designer, and electrician will help make sure your gas, water, and electrical are all in the places they need to be.

When you?re shopping for cabinets, this is the time to make your kitchen more functional. Create more prep space with an island or make an entire wall of cabinets for extra storage. New cabinets mean a new layout that functions better for how your family lives and cooks in the kitchen.

Create Your List of Must-Have Features

One of the best parts about buying new cabinets is that you can change the inside of your cabinets as well. Where you used to have shelves, for example, you can now have drawers that pull out. Where there was once a drawer overflowing with utensils you can create a custom, more organized space.

Buying new cabinets gives you the chance to have a more functional kitchen. Add drawers, a lazy Susan cabinet, and larger shelves to fit bulky appliances. Moving cabinets also means you get to move where you store everything. This is a great opportunity to move plates, utensils, and pots wherever is more convenient for you.

When you buy new cabinets, you aren?t stuck with whatever came with your home. Now your cabinets can have the features you need. From hidden appliances to an under-counter garbage bin, you can buy cabinets to suit you.

Choose Your Design

One of the most fun aspects of a kitchen renovation is choosing the design of your cabinets. From the color to the material, you can choose a design that fits your style. From traditional white cabinets to a modern flat-panel, there?s a cabinet for every budget and design.

The design of your cabinet will also affect what sink, hardware, lighting, and flooring you choose. When you?re replacing cabinets, this is a great time to update the rest of the fixtures and design details in your kitchen.

Creating More Storage

When it comes to the kitchen, there is almost never enough storage. You want to utilize every inch of your kitchen cabinet space. Creating more storage will help make sure everything has a place.

From overcrowded drawers to bowls that fall on your head every time you open a cabinet, now is the time to start fresh and get organized. New cabinets allow you to maximize the space you have. If you have a lot of oversized pots and appliances, choose a cabinet with tall drawers.

Not every home comes with a walk-in pantry or even a pantry cabinet. These are huge space savers. If you didn?t have a pantry previously, create one using cabinets. On an empty wall, you can choose cabinets that go from the floor to the ceiling. Create space for all your dry goods, spices, cleaning supplies, and more.

Countertops in Medford, OR: How to Choose a New Countertop

Replacing your old kitchen cabinets also means you get to?update your old countertop. From granite to quartz, there are thousands of different counter styles and materials to choose from.

When you?re shopping for your cabinets, speak with your kitchen designer about the different countertops available. Natural stone, marble, and even wood have unique looks and characteristics. Granite is more heat and scratch resistant than marble, for example.

Choosing Your Light Fixtures and Hardware

When you?re updating your cabinets, you?ll likely need to update your hardware and light fixtures to match. You can mix metals and materials or go with the same finish throughout.

Take a look at all the colors and materials to see which fit with your new cabinet style. Go for a more classic look with chrome or stay on trend with black or gold.

Flooring in Medford, OR ? Replacing or Updating Your Kitchen Floors

Updating your kitchen cabinets doesn?t always mean you need to change your flooring. Oftentimes, however, when you?re changing your layout, removing walls, or moving appliances, you?ll also need to replace your flooring as well.

We can match
?existing floors or give your kitchen an entirely new floor to better match your cabinets. From luxury vinyl plank to hardwood and tile, there are tons of durable kitchen flooring options to compliment your new cabinets.

Buying Cabinets in Medford, OR

If you?re looking to start buying cabinets in Medford, OR, you?ve come to the right place. We have cabinets to fit any style and budget. Whether you?re updating an old kitchen or creating an entirely new one, we can help give you a beautiful, better-functioning kitchen.

If you?re ready to kick-off your kitchen cabinet make-over, fill out?the contact form here?for a free estimate. You?ll be put in touch with a kitchen professional who can help you get your cabinet project started.
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