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9 Telltale Signs You Need New Flooring

Let?s face it; most homeowners are less than thrilled about getting new flooring. It?s not because they don?t want new floors with clean finishes, but because it?s too costly.?

However, when time and constant foot traffic take a toll on your floor, you have no choice.

It?s common for homeowners to turn a blind eye to signs that they might need new flooring. Floors are among the most observable interior features in your home. Don?t even think for a second that your guests are going to overlook the significant scratches and marks on your floor.

When it's time to get new floors, it?s time to get new floors. If you?re having trouble figuring out whether you need new floors, we?re here to help. Today, we?ll be highlighting a few obvious signs that it?s time to get new flooring.

1. Your Floor Looks Outdated

Does your floor look like a throwback from the mid-70s? If it does, then it?s time to get some new floors and return to the current decade. A carpet could hide your floor, but not for too long.

It?s time to consider modern flooring options?like hardwood, tile, and laminate. Trust us; there?s nothing retro or vintage about your outdated floor. Get yourself some new flooring and save yourself the embarrassment.

2. Visible Water Damage

Water is both a friend and enemy to your floors, depending on the type of flooring you have. We need water to clean our floors, but not too much of it. Water is incredibly detrimental to hardwood floors because it leads to staining, swelling, and warping.

Plumbing and flooding issues can cause serious damage to your floors. Sometimes warped floors can rectify themselves, but in severe cases, the damage is irreversible. If this describes your situation, you?ll have no choice but to get new floors.

3. Visible Signs of Wear and Tear

It?s quite okay for your floor to have one or two scratches, but it?s not okay for your floor to be littered with scratches. Apart from deep scratches, other signs of wear and tear include cracks and stubborn stains.

Scratches and cracks are not only eyesores but also make your floor more susceptible to water damage and pest infestation. Mold can also grow and proliferate in these cracks and can lead to a host of?health complications.

Consider replacing your floors if they show obvious signs of wear and tear. The earlier you do so, the better it is for you.

4. Your Floor Is Discolored

Discoloring is mostly common with hardwood and vinyl floors. A discolored floor can completely throw off your interior design and throw all your d?cor efforts out the window.

For wooden floors, a thorough clean can restore them to their original glory, but only for slight discoloration. No amount of cleaning can restore a severely discolored floor. It?s worth noting that discoloration on the surface of your floor could also indicate mold presence.

Whether you have mold or not, severe discoloration is enough reason to replace your floors.

5. Funny Noises From the Floor

Any funny noises coming from your wooden floor is a sign that you need to replace it. Squeaking or creaking indicates subfloor damage. This means it?s only a matter of time before your entire floor comes falling apart.

You may ignore the creaking noises, but sooner or later, it will get to you. Replace your floors to get rid of the annoying noises and take care of the subfloor damage once and for all.

6. Your Allergies Are Flaring up

The correlation between allergies and your floor may not seem obvious. However, if your allergies have been flaring up of late, then look beneath your feet. Your floor can harbor allergens like dust, mold, and pollen beneath them.

The accumulation of these allergens is what triggers the allergic symptoms. Unless you?re okay with?these allergens, you best replace your current floors with suitable options. You Should consider vinyl flooring or tiles because they?re less prone to allergens.

7. You?ve Sanded Your Floor One Too Many Times

There?s no doubt that hardwood floors can last a lifetime and are one of the best flooring options. However, if you?ve sanded your hardwood floor too many times, maybe it?s time to replace it.

Remember, every time you sand your hardwood floors; you make them a little thinner. The thinner your hardwood floor gets, the more susceptible it is to cracks, scratches, and other damages. Sooner or later, your entire floor will be a huge mess.

Instead of sanding your wooden floor again, consider replacing it instead. That way, you can start another sanding cycle without having to worry about cracks and structural damage. After more than a few refinishes, don?t be scared to replace your floor.

8. Cleaning Your Floors Doesn?t Make It Cleaner

Most folks have been there; you spend a lot of time cleaning your floor, but it turns out even dirtier than it was before. If cleaning your floors does nothing to make your floor cleaner, your hands are basically tied at this point. It?s either you get new floors or live with your dirty-looking floor.

Don?t waste your time buying cleaning products; there?s a high chance they still won?t work. Your best bet is to get new floors and put the zing back in your floors.

9. Funny and Unpleasant Floors

If the source of an unpleasant smell gets to the subfloor, you?re doomed. Pet accidents like cat and dog urine can permeate into the subfloor. To get rid of their horrible smells, you?ll have to clean the subfloor.

Masking the smell with air fresheners and candles will only work for a while. Eventually, you?ll have to clean the subfloor and replace the floors. The earlier you do it, the better.

You Deserve Some New Floors

Check for any of the above signs to tell whether it?s time for new flooring. At least after getting your new floors, you can rest easy knowing you have a couple of years before you have to install them again. However, remember to get the right company for your floor installation to get the best results.

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