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How to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel More Spacious: Design Tips

More than?80% of potential homebuyers?are looking for a large pantry and a kitchen to match. Unfortunately, there isn't always the space needed to make this dream reality.?

But there are many things you can do to help your small kitchen feel more spacious. Just a couple of strategic design choices can completely transform how your kitchen space looks and feels. It can truly be your dream space without having to do a complete addition to your home, no matter what the size!

Read this guide for some of the top tips for maximizing your space and making your kitchen feel amazing.?

Lighten Up the Room?

A dark kitchen is always going to feel cramped and small. It's hard to feel like there's any breathing room when the walls feel so close together. Simply adding more light to the space will instantly make it feel more spacious and open.?

The easiest way to lighten up a kitchen is to utilize bright paint colors. There's a reason white kitchens have become a classic staple for several years.?

But you can also go bigger and add more natural light through windows or skylights. Even adding some additional lighting sources can make the space feel open and inviting for a change.?

Take Cabinets to the Ceiling

The key to a kitchen renovation that makes a room look bigger than it is is to trick the eye as much as possible.?

Bringing the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling (instead of stopping a foot or two before) can help draw the eye upward. This helps the space look taller and, therefore, more open. Not to mention the additional storage you gain by utilizing that otherwise dead space.?

This option can work for?all different cabinet styles?and feel like a more luxurious, high-end choice when you see it all together.?

Layer Natural Elements?

In an ideal world, your small kitchen would have a way to connect to the outdoors to expand the space and make it feel even larger. When that's not possible, bringing in other natural elements can have a similar effect.?

Even something as simple as adding a houseplant can bring more life into the space, making it feel less stunted.?

Wood tones or natural stones for tiles and countertops can also feel less stale than more man-made options. This can help your space seem open and inviting.?

Utilize Smart Storage Solutions

It's hard fact that clutter makes a room feel tight and overcrowded. Even large rooms can feel claustrophobic when there is too much stuff crammed into them. That's why it's so important to have smart storage solutions in your small kitchen.?

When you can be?extremely organized, you won't have all the excess blocking your beautiful kitchen. Counters can be clear so you can see how much space you truly have. And islands won't become dumping grounds and permanent reminders of your lack of space.?

Coming up with storage systems that work for your family and life will make the biggest impact.?

Add Focal Elements?

One problem that many small kitchens face is not having a place for the eye to land. Because everything is so close there isn't a natural focal point that gives the rest of the room an anchor. Adding a special detail that stands out can give the eye some direction and make the room feel larger.?

Consider adding a unique light fixture or a special range hood. Both of those things can draw a lot of attention and bring it upward at the same time, making the room look taller (and bigger!)

Opt for Lower Contrast?

Sometimes when you're working on designing a space, you look to add a lot of contrast in the materials used. This can create more interest but it has to be done in the right space.

Too much contrast in a small kitchen can emphasize the lack of room. Instead, go for materials and colors that complement and create one cohesive look. This allows the eye to move freely around the room, making it feel larger than it is.?

These choices can start all the way down with the?flooring options. It's helpful to choose something neutral that can go with a variety of colors and tones.?

Blend With Other Spaces

Homeowners want larger kitchen spaces because they are such workhorses for the home. They have many functions and it can be difficult to fit them all into a too-small space, especially if you have an eat-in kitchen.

It's a good idea to check for ways you can blend the kitchen with other spaces close by in the home.?

Maybe a table can be added to the adjacent den for a dining space. Or maybe there's a smaller closet that you can utilize as a pantry. Making smart choices that may seem outside of the box can help eliminate that tight, crowded feeling of a tiny kitchen.?

Keep It Clean

Just like when there is too much stuff, a dirty kitchen will make the whole room feel much smaller than it is. Messes evoke feelings of overwhelm and stress because you know you're going to have to deal with them at some point. When you can keep the whole room clean and tidy, you'll feel calm every time you come in.?

Let what space you do have shine by taking pride in it and keeping it sparkling clean.?

Making a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

For many homes, the kitchen is the most used area of the whole house. It's where everyone congregates and so many special memories are made. The last thing you want is to hate your small kitchen and always be wishing for something bigger and better instead of enjoying what you have.?

Working with professionals can really elevate your space and help you get the most out of what you have available.?

Our team is full of experts on everything you'll need for your new kitchen from cabinets to flooring to countertops.?Contact us?today to see what we can do for you!?
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