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Exploring the Different Types of Granite Countertop Colors

Are?granite countertops?going out of style??

Absolutely not.?

Any home-renovation show on HGTV will tell you that a kitchen isn't complete without granite countertops.?America's obsession with granite countertops started in the 1970s and hasn't stopped since.?

While the decision to install granite countertops is easy, choosing from the many color options isn't.?Are you?looking to?upgrade your countertops?with granite,?but?you're not sure which color is suitable for your kitchen or bathroom??

The good news is you're in the right place.?Discover the different types of granite countertop colors?to make your decision easier.?


One of the most popular granite countertop color choices is white. Keep in mind you can rarely find white granite countertops. If you do, it's most likely quartz.?

Instead, white granite comes in a wide range of shades from?white Dallas to moon-white. Whatever shade you choose, your white granite will look ultra-stylish and mimic the opulence of white marble.?

Better yet, white granite countertops are easy to clean, durable, and will suit any style of space, from contemporary to traditional. This versatility makes white granite a must-have feature for any?newly renovated kitchen?or bathroom.?


Nothing screams sophistication more like a black granite countertop. If you're looking to add a bold yet contemporary feel to your kitchen or bathroom, black granite is the material for you.?

One of the reasons black granite countertops are popular is their versatility. Black granite can add gravitas to rustic wooden shelving or a colorful tile backsplash.?

Or why not match black granite counters with sleek slate gray cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.?Black granite has a timeless appeal that has unparalleled strength and longevity.?


If you're searching for a calming and aesthetically pleasing countertop, pink granite will be the perfect color choice for you. The pinkish hues in granite are due to pink potassium feldspar and can range from light pink to lavender.

Complement your pink granite countertops with white or cherry-color cabinetry to make your space really pop.??

Pink granite?can add a romantic atmosphere to?any space. Best of all, pink granite resists chips and scratches and is heat and stain-resistant.?


Red granite is an attractive natural option suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The reddish hue is due to the?presence of the mineral potassium-feldspar. It's incredibly sought-after by designers and homeowners.?

Red granites come in a variety of shades to complement almost any design. From deep burgundy granites to brighter and livelier hues, these fiery colors will add a bold, energetic feel to your space.?

If you want to make a statement, red granite is the perfect color for you.?


It's not hard to see why blue granite is one of the most breathtaking colors available. Blue natural stone is very rare, meaning it is more challenging to produce than any other color or type.?

These highly desirable granites come in various shades, including the most elusive "Van Gogh." This shade of blue granite features beautiful swirls of deep blue, gold, white and green ? the colors of his painting "Starry Night."?

Labradorite is another attractive option. It features blue swirls that capture and reflect natural and artificial light in your space ? a great option to complement off-white cabinetry.?


Green granite countertops are an elegant addition to any bathroom or kitchen space. It comes in nearly 300 different shades, from dark, mossy green to a light seafoam color.?

With?its bold and busy pattern design, green granite works well with more subtle and muted cabinetry and flooring.

Vibrant green tones against timeless white cabinetry offer a calming vibe. At the same time, a darker green hue with dark woody cabinetry will feel like you're sitting in among the trees.?

Whatever shade you choose, green granite is a bold and unique choice that is sure to transform any space into a natural oasis.??


Gold, yellow, and cream granite countertops are a popular choice among homeowners. From light golden to honey-amber, every shade is unique and sure to?add life to any space.??

To add a touch of glamor, choose New Venetian gold granite with its beige and golden tones.?This shade of granite will suit any design, especially dark wood cabinetry, to?emulate the sun's warmth.

Gold granite will give any room a natural shine and?will delight and fascinate?your visitors.?


Brown granite is a beautiful natural stone that pairs wonderfully with many cabinetry colors. There isn't a shortage of brown color options from tan brown, desert brown, and coffee brown.?

Brown is considered a "safe" color choice, but this couldn't be further from the truth.?It's easy to make a statement with brown granite by?installing a kitchen island and making it the room's focal point.

Best of all, brown granite is an eco-friendly, green product that doesn't include any harmful chemicals.?

Top Granite Countertop Colors Explained?

You can't say there aren't enough granite countertop colors available!?

Whether you like?white granite countertops,?black granite countertops,?or something a little bolder, there's a?color for every kitchen and bathroom design.?

Granite countertops are durable, highly affordable, and can?add value?to your home. When?choosing granite countertops, the only limit is your imagination.?

At Dave's Home Supply, we can walk you through the types of granite countertops available and help you pick out the perfect one for your kitchen or bathroom.?

Request a free estimate?today! Let's help you create your dream space!?