Buying Kitchen Cabinets: Signs You Need to Install New Ones

Buying Kitchen Cabinets: Signs You Need to Install New Ones

How many times have you paused by your kitchen cabinets and wondered whether it was time you made a change? How about all those times you just couldn't seem to have enough space for everything? Maybe you're tired of the same appearance and need to make a change.

Regardless, buying kitchen cabinets would be a worthy investment. If you're still not sure whether it's the right time to do it, we have listed a few signs that indicate it's about time you gave your kitchen a facelift by replacing your kitchen cabinets.

Their Overall Function Is Inadequate

If the overall functionality of your cabinets has been compromised, then buying kitchen cabinets is a good idea. But how do you gauge functionality, though?

If you need to remove some items in order to access those tucked away in the back, then it's time you upgraded to smarter cabinets. If your drawers cause frustration because they are hard to open or close without getting stuck or making odd noises, even refacing will just not do, you need to buy new cabinets.

They've Gotten Moldy

Water can do plenty of damage, and given that this is the kitchen where you constantly deal with water, you may have missed leaks that caused significant damage. One of the worst consequences of water leaks is mold. Mold is very dangerous, especially the type that produces mycotoxins, and can put you and your family at risk.

If treated early, it could go away, but if undetected, it could grow and ruin the cabinets, calling for a replacement. Besides mold, water could cause other damages to your cabinets, such as swelling and discoloration.

Once wood swells, then the cabinet doors don't close properly. Also, check for warped wood, delamination, and wood bubbles. When you replace the cabinets, ensure you fix the water leaks to avoid similar problems later on.

You Don't Have Enough Space

Wouldn't it be nice if all that stuff on the countertop could fit in the cabinets? Well, if you constantly need to store things where they don't belong due to a shortage of space, getting new cabinets would be excellent.

One good thing about buying new kitchen cabinets is that you can have them customized to your needs, so you'll get as much space as you need.

Refurbishing Would Not Work

Sometimes a facelift is all a kitchen needs, but would refurbishing be worth it?

Refurbishing may cost you less compared to buying kitchen cabinets, but if the structure is falling apart and you don't feel like you have enough space, it's not worth it. You may choose to refurbish and make them aesthetically appealing, but if you still have to contend with noisy drawers and stuck doors, it would be better to go all in and invest in new cabinets.

Your Cabinets Are Old

Your kitchen cabinets may be too old for your modern appliances and lifestyle. If every time you look at your kitchen and feel that the fridge doesn't go well with the rest of the kitchen, it may be because your cabinets are too old. In general, cabinets built in the 1980s were more durable, and the structure may still be firm.

If this is the case, you may want to refurbish and update the aesthetics. However, if the structure is also dilapidated due to age, then bring your kitchen up to date by buying new kitchen cabinets.

The Layout is Inefficient

If you bought a pre-owned house, then you may not like the kitchen layout it came with. You may find that everything is inconveniently placed and you don't like it. At this point, it's better to replace the kitchen cabinets so you can have a new layout and have everything placed where you imagine it for your dream kitchen.

A kitchen is the heart of the home, and it's not right that you have one you don't like.

Your Current Cabinets Were Poorly Constructed

If your existing cabinets are poorly constructed, it's a good idea to get rid of them and install quality cabinets.

Those low-quality cabinets will deteriorate with time and get worse and while you may have to pay more for high-quality cabinets, the investment will be well worth it. Get the right cabinets from a professional supplier, so you don't have to worry about replacing them again anytime soon.

You Intend to Sell Your House

If you're thinking of selling your home soon, revamping your kitchen may help you snag a higher price than you may be able to do with the current cabinets.

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms for most buyers, and if your drawers bang when they close, and cabinet doors are hanging, finding a buyer will be a challenge. Buying kitchen cabinets and replacing the old ones is the best thing to do in this scenario.

You Need a Fresh Start

Physical settings have a significant impact on leading a healthy lifestyle, and you'd be surprised at how much your resolutions can change once you have a new look.

This new lifestyle change includes healthier diets, more family time, more home-cooked meals, and more sit-down-meals. Improving your lifestyle and health resolutions for yourself and your family is worth it, and if all you have to do is replace your kitchen cabinets, then it's a great idea.

You Daydream on Houzz and Pinterest

How often do you browse Pinterest and Houzz admiring the kitchen cabinets available? If you do, chances are you crave a new and fresh look.

Sometimes, you also need to reward yourself, and if you desire to have that new look, then do for it! Things don't have to break down first before you can give your home a beautiful look.

Start Buying Kitchen Cabinets When You See These Signs

If you have noticed any of these signs, then you need to revamp your home by buying kitchen cabinets.

You may have one or more of these signs, but the most important thing is to know that it's about time you gave your kitchen that new look you have been craving. Even better, we have some of the best kitchen cabinets for you and we offer professional installation.

Get in touch with us today, and we'll help you update your kitchen to your desires.