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Out With the Old: 8 Signs That It's Time to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

When to Replace Kitchen Cabinets: 8 Signs Your Cabinets Have Got to Go

Do your kitchen cabinets look nothing like the modern cabinets you see online or in magazines? If so, it may be time to upgrade.?

A dated kitchen cabinet is one of the first signs you may need a kitchen renovation. But when you see the same cabinets day in and day out, how do you know it's time to replace them?

Deciding to replace kitchen cabinets is a big decision. Are you having trouble deciding if the investment is worth your time and money? If so, here are 8 signs that it's time to replace your kitchen cabinets.?

1. Water Damage

One of the most tell-tale signs that you need to replace your kitchen cabinets is water damage. In your kitchen, many surfaces are exposed to water, especially your countertops and kitchen cabinets. Check the area on your cabinets where your coffee pot sits; this is usually a high moisture area from where the steam rises.?

Above your stove and any other areas where appliances create steam are also common spots for water damage. You may even see water damage on the inside of your cabinets if you tend to put dishes away before they're completely dry.

Water damage usually presents as swelling of the wood, dark spots or stains, and bubbling u underneath the wood. If you see any of these signs, your cabinets may have water damage beyond repair. If this is the case, it's time to look into a kitchen cabinet remodel.

2. Mold

With water usually comes mold. However, check the corners inside of your kitchen cabinets and on the bottoms close to the wall. These hard to reach places often hide mold spots because they're seldom seen or exposed to open air.?

Mold in your cabinets is also a safety hazard. You don't want to put clean dishes in a moldy cabinet where you may be exposed to spores. This is especially important for those with allergies and sensitivities. It would be best if you?also treated the cabinets with a mold and mildew control spray and?thoroughly clean the area?until your renovation.?

3. They're Soft or Bending

Another way to tell you?should look into replacing kitchen cabinets is if you're feeling soft or bending wood. While this can sometimes be caused by water damage, it's also common for wood to warp over time. This is especially common if your cabinets weren't made with the highest quality materials.?

When cabinets are made with plywood or particleboard, you're more likely to face this issue. Investing in?higher quality cabinets?will ensure you don't have to deal out more cash later down the line.

4. Damage or Broken Pieces

If your cabinets are damaged, you need them replaced! Don't hold off any longer. Broken and damaged kitchen cabinets can be hazardous for you and those living in your house, including children and pets.

Missing doors, hardware, chipped pieces, or cracked structures are common damages. You can usually have these fixed or replaced at a low cost. But if your cabinets have experienced several different damages over the years, you're better off replacing the entire set.

5. The Rest of Your Kitchen Has Modern Appliances

Do your cabinets stand out like a sore thumb in your kitchen? Did you already?upgrade the appliances?but didn't think the cabinets were worth the investment yet? Well, this is your sign to have them replaced.

Sleek, modernized kitchen cabinets pull together the entire look of your kitchen. They're even one of the most anchoring points in your kitchen, so for new guests and family, this will be the first thing they notice in your kitchen.?

6. They Smell

If there's a rancid, musty, mildewy, or just plain bad smell coming from your cabinets, it's time for new kitchen cabinets. Because most cabinets are made of wood, they absorb all the smells your kitchen acquires throughout the years.?

Once a smell sticks to the cabinets, it isn't easy to get rid of. If you're opening up your cabinets to smell something foul coming from where you keep dishes, food, and appliances, you'll probably find it intensely unappealing.

7. They Don't Work as They Used to

Sometimes when cabinets are on their last legs, they don't work like they used to. Maybe the doors don't align properly, or it doesn't close all the way. Do you have to maneuver it a specific way to open it?

There's no reason to fight with your cabinet to grab a mug for a cup of coffee. If you're struggling with the day to day function of your cabinets, you need replacements ASAP.?

8. Worn or Rusted Hardware

Another way to tell if you need?new cabinets?is if the hardware isn't working correctly. Many times, rusted hardware will develop from water exposure, making it difficult for you to effortlessly open cabinet doors.?

If hinges and hardware like handles and knobs are worn, you may also have difficulty accessing your cabinets' contents. While it's easy enough to replace the hardware or tighten a few screws, we're referring to any nonrepairable damage that comes with age and wear and tear.?

It may even be more cost-effective for you to replace the entire set of cabinets than it would be to replace all the hardware.?

It's Time to Replace Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to deciding to replace kitchen cabinets, you have to consider many things, from material to installation to color. Let the professionals at Dave's Home Supply help you make the right decisions when choosing your new kitchen cabinets.

For more information about installation and material cost,?contact us. Or, check out our blog for more helpful home renovation and supply tips.