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7 Cabinet Ideas and Trends to Watch out for in 2020

7 Cabinet Ideas and Trends to Watch out for in 2020

Thinking of updating your kitchen? If so, you?re not alone ? the kitchen is the most popular room in the house to remodel.

From meals, late-night conversations, and special occasions, family life revolves around the kitchen, so you want to make your space the best it can be.

If you?re starting a renovation project, consider these 2020 kitchen trends. There are so many different approaches to kitchen design, and it can quickly become overwhelming. However, once you have a better understanding of the look and style you like, it?s easier to decide on colors and features.

The kitchen cabinets are one of the most prominent features in the room, and a cabinet update can totally change the look of your kitchen.

Read on to learn the seven top cabinet trends and ideas for 2020, along with how you can incorporate them into your design plans.

1. Rich, Saturated Color

Don?t be afraid to make a bold choice with your cabinet color ? there?s so much more to choose from than just off-white and wood stains.

In 2020, expect more rich, jewel tones to show up in kitchen decorating trends. Emerald green, sophisticated midnight blue, or even a deep maroon can be used to create dramatic kitchen cabinets, or try using color in only a section of the cabinet as an accent.

The strong jewel-tone colors are a top paint choice and they pair well with marble and metallics if you?re planning a complete kitchen or just want to freshen up with a new coat of paint and new cabinet knobs.

2. Two-Tone Design

Two-tone cabinet designs can be a fun way to spice up your kitchen. It can also be a good way to incorporate the jewel tone trend above, without committing fully.

Having two different color cabinets, such as perhaps a neutral color plus a brighter tone, you?ll create an interesting contrast that will make your kitchen look like a model home.

Or, consider splitting the color horizontally ? paint the lower cabinets a darker color and upper a white or neutral. This can create the effect of your ceilings looking higher and your kitchen appearing larger than it is.

3. Islands

Kitchen islands have been around for ages, but for a modern spin, turned your island into a dining space. A kitchen island can also double as your dining table space, or extend the countertop over the edge to create a cozy breakfast nook, with bar stools underneath.

Kitchen islands can also create additional cabinet space underneath, giving you much-needed storage space.

Speak to a professional cabinet maker in your area to get started on your dream kitchen island today.

4. Bold Brass Finishes

If you don?t have the time, or the budget, for a full kitchen remodel, a quick and easy way to mix up your look is to change your cabinet knobs and drawer handles.

A top trend in kitchens for 2020 is brass fixtures, so look for minimalist or ornate brass features that you can add to your cabinets. Cabinet fixtures can be installed easily, you?ll just need to unscrew the old and attach the new.

Another way to try out the brass trend is by adding a new kitchen sink faucet. It creates a striking look and having both a brass faucet and cabinet knobs would tie your kitchen together well.

5. Open Shelves

For a unique look that?s sure to impress the neighbors, try the trend of open cabinet shelves. This can be a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing way to display your glasses, dishware, or cookware, creating a warm and welcoming country-kitchen feel.

However, if you?re the type who likes to store as much as you can in each cabinet, only use this trend in small amounts, or you may quickly find yourself frustrated with your untidy shelves! To make the look work, you?ll want to keep storage on open shelves to a minimum and allow your best plates and dishes to shine.

For more home redecoration inspiration, check out our kitchen cabinet buying guide.

6. Oversized Pantries

Avid cookers or large families will know how important pantry space is. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and you need plenty of room for snacks, pantry staples, supplies, and more.

However, an oversized pantry is not only great for big households, but it appeals to anyone wanting more space. Instead of having everything crammed in a tiny space, a large or walk-in pantry gives you plenty of room to organize and categorize everything, making it more visually appealing and quicker to find what you?re looking for.

Thanks to the larger size, you could also store kitchen appliances, cookbooks, or bakeware inside as well.

7. Industrial Design

Incorporating some industrial design elements into your kitchen can add texture and a modern, sleek look. Elements like exposed bricks, copper, and metallics can add a unique feature to your kitchen, reminding you of your favorite inner-city bar or coffee shop.

Stainless steel, exposed light bulbs, reclaimed wood, and exposed ceiling can all help to create this look, a top trend for 2020. You might want to consider this trend in small amounts? you don?t want to turn your home into a warehouse, but you do want bits of the industrial element to add a modern and sleek edge to your space.

Create Your Dream Home With These 2020 Kitchen Trends

Contact us today to get started building your perfect kitchen. Whether you?re building a new home, remodeling, or simply in need of a quick update, the above 2020 kitchen trends will give you the new, eye-catching look you?ve been hoping for.

A kitchen update can increase curbside appeal, adding value to your home, and can be a fun way to rejuvenate your home, especially as we spend so much of our time in the kitchen.

Our professional, friendly, and knowledgeable team can provide you with everything you need to get started on your kitchen project.