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7 Reasons to Install Carpet in Your Home

7 Reasons to Install Carpet in Your Home

Whether you?ve moved into a new home or you?re redecorating a home you?ve lived in for years, it can be a tough decision when it comes to choosing flooring. There are more choices available than ever and flooring throughout your whole home can be expensive. You?ll also want your flooring to stand the test of time so it?s important that you make the right choice.

For many people, carpet is still the most popular choice. If you?re wondering whether to install carpet in your home, take a look at some of the biggest advantages of carpet below.

1. Comfort

When you come home from a busy day at work, you automatically want to feel comfortable. The feel of a soft and bouncy carpet underneath your feet is an ideal trigger that lets your body know it?s time to relax. It can also help to keep the heat in your home during the colder months so you can rely on feeling extra cozy while you?re at home.

2. Style and Beauty

One of the greatest things about carpet is the ability to express yourself. There are so many ways you can incorporate carpets into the style of your home. Whether you want a neutral focal point in the room to tone down the rest of your furniture or you want a more vibrant, colorful carpet or rug, it?s entirely up to you.

Carpets can also come in a variety of different textures and patterns. This means if you have a theme in your room, you won?t find it difficult to find a carpet that meets your criteria.

3. Improved Air Quality

Some people believe that indoor air quality is better with hard flooring but that couldn?t be further from the truth. New carpeting has the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) emitting results of any new flooring. Carpet traps dust, pollen, and particles in its fibers, acting as an air filter.

For anyone in the home with conditions such as asthma or allergies, carpet is often the best choice. It?s been shown to improve symptoms and?lessen attacks.

4. Soft and Protective

The risk of falls and slips is minimized with carpets. It?s much more likely to slip and fall on hard flooring. If you have young children or the elderly in the home or anyone living there is prone to falls, a carpet can provide a protective cushion that minimizes injury.

In addition, carpets can be great protection for pets. It?s much more comfortable for dogs and cats to jump from a height onto a carpet and many furry friends like to curl up on the carpet during the winter.

5. Noise Reduction

There are tons of things in a home that can make noise. From big-screen TVs and loudspeakers to computers and gaming consoles. Carpet can do a great job of absorbing some of this sound and making the home a more peaceful place.

It can also make footsteps quieter so if you have a lot of traffic in your house, carpet can offer a great solution. If you have carpet with a cushion layer underneath for your upstairs flooring, it can mask the sound of footsteps so you can?t hear them in the rooms underneath.

6. A Sustainable Choice

There are many environmental benefits to choosing carpet. Firstly, carpet is often long-lasting so you won?t replace your flooring as often as you may with hard flooring. Carpet installation is also quick and easy and takes less time than other materials.

Secondly, carpets can be recycled. When you decide it?s time to replace your carpet, you can take the old carpet and make a new carpet from it or recycle it. Old?carpets can be recycled?into products like roofing shingles and railroad ties.?

7. Affordability

Because carpets range so broadly, there?s something in everyone?s budget. Your budget will dictate the type of floor covering you have, the quality of the carpet, and the area you can cover. Some people prefer to carpet a room at a time rather than the whole property at once.

Your flooring company will be able to give you the best options for your requirements if you explain the type of style you?re looking for. Most people are able to find exactly what they want without any hassle.

We?ll Help You Choose

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Install Carpet You Love

When you want to install carpet in your home, it?s important to hire a professional with adequate experience. Carpet is the type of flooring that can add style, comfort, and safety to any room when installed properly. At Dave?s Home Supply, we have everything you need to turn your home into a haven.

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