5 Spectacular Hardwood Floor Trends You Need to Know

5 Spectacular Hardwood Floor Trends You Need to Know

Are you in the market for a new hardwood floor? If so, then there are more options to choose from then you may have realized.

The days of the same old hardwood flooring are long gone. These days you have different designs, colors, and hardwood to choose from.

Because of that, the industry has become quite trendy. Every so often there is a craze that takes the entire marketplace by storm. If you're not in the business, it can be quite tricky to keep up with.

Here are some of the hottest hardwood floor trends that you should consider for your flooring.

1. Dark-Colored Hardwood

The hardwood flooring options just keep getting darker and darker (in a good way!). It seems as if the marketplace has become keener on darker tones in the last couple of years.

The dark flooring, which can be turned into a dark grey, strikes a tremendous balance with lighter-colored walls.?

It can be a tremendous way to tie high-traffic rooms such as your living room, kitchen, and bathrooms together. The?natural lighting?hits them perfectly, making the room look more spacious and clean.

Not only does it make the room look a little bit bigger, but it also hides some of the dirt that will naturally get on your floors. Who?isn't?looking for a little assistance there?

2. White Oak Flooring

While dark colors might have gained popularity in recent years, they're certainly not for everybody.?

In fact, you might be looking to do the?opposite of what everyone else is doing?or?doing a trend that's a little more up-and-coming.

Whatever your reasoning, you might consider hopping on the white oak bandwagon. It offers a smoother surface than many other hardwood materials and can bring a "cabin-like" vibe to your home.

Better yet, there's no color scheme that you have to abide by. Dark countertop chairs look just as good with white oak flooring as light-colored ones.?

You'll get just enough variation with the different shadings to break away from the monotony of a hardwood floor that's all one color.

Looking to bring your new kitchen together with white oak floors? Consider placing white?kitchen cabinets?to pair nicely with the light shading of your new floors.

3. Gray on Gray?Is?More?Than Okay

Some homeowners want a unified color scheme for every room inside the house. They want the color of each room to set the tone for their living room, bathroom, bedrooms, and so on.

In the spirit of the organization, gray hardwood flooring can be a perfect complement to gray walls of the same shade.

The secret is in the design and shading of the flooring. While the gray walls might be a flat color, the flooring has different detailing to make it "pop".

It goes great with black, white, or (you guessed it!) gray furniture, giving your room a sense of balance that's calming to those that step foot in it.?

Also, pair your gray hardwood flooring with?LED lighting?to make people's jaws drop as they walk into the room. The entire room will look like a showroom with both natural lighting and LED lighting.

4. Whitewashed Hardwood Floors

Maybe you want to flip traditional home decor on its head. Instead of doing white walls?with darker hardwood, you want to do dark walls with white hardwood.

If so, then you might consider whitewashing your hardwood floors and painting your walls a?very?dark gray or even black.

Every black piece of furniture or light fixture that you place on it will have a contrast that brings out a yin-yang vibe to your room.

Whitewashing your hardwood flooring can bring a modern twist to your home, making it feel brand-new. For those of you afraid that it's?too?bold, have no fear! The whitewash will bring out a more subtle look than those that go with all-white flooring.

You can also make the decision to go with gray walls and furniture to give off a lighter and brighter aesthetic that will shine even on the gloomiest of days.

Better yet, these whitewashed floors match perfectly with white baseboards, creating a seamless transition to any color that you have on your wall.

5. Light Brown Floors

Maybe you find yourself in a "Goldilocks" situation with your hardwood flooring that you want to install.

You've decided on brown, but you don't want a shade of brown that's too light or too dark.

Lucky for you, light brown hardwood is one of the biggest trends in the industry! It's a perfect complement to any other wood furniture, as well as any shade of a wall.

It's a tremendous option for small homes and condos, giving them an extra comfy feel for your tenants. Better yet, the light brown hardwood can be refinished to keep them looking new for years to come.

The variety of shades on light brown hardwood will help you have a balance of darker and lighter patterns to play with.

Use These Hardwood Floor Trends to Your Advantage

Now that you've seen several hardwood floor trends to choose from, it's time to find the right fit for your home.

Looking to keep the trendiness going with your kitchen cabinets? If so, be sure to check out this article on?different cabinet trends?to watch out for.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our?online contact form?and we'll be happy to assist you further!